Sierra and Jo’s Laundry Shoot

October 1, 2020

This couple was a dream to work with. Sierra and Jo were two contestants on Survivor who fell in love and then ended up getting married this past year. It’s so fun to set up creative shoots from time to time to mix things up. Throughout the whole shoot, Jo was constantly checking out his cute wife and you could just tell that he thought she was the bees-knees. With a career centered around weddings, it’s no secret that I’m a huge advocate of love and there’s never a dull moment working with couples who are head over heels- in love with each other. For this shoot, I planned all the details out with a couple other vendors to make our vision come to life. We ended up shooting in the middle of the day with some harsh lighting which I ended up loving. I think it’s important as a wedding photographer to learn how to shoot with any type of lighting because you never know what to expect with special events.