Markee and Cory’s Great Salt Lake Bridal’s

September 29, 2020

I don’t even know how to start this blog post. I am so in love with my job. Everyday is a new sun. A new moon. A new place. A new adventure. Spending the evening with Markee and Cory at one of the most peaceful locations put me in a place of true bliss. This lighting and location made for a dreamy- romantic bridal session.  I can’t imagine a different life for myself anymore. I spend all my hours in the day thinking about my job and I dream about sessions like this. I live for photography. My whole life I have wanted to be this passionate about my job and here I am doing exactly what I have always wanted to do. Utah is a landlocked state, so ocean water is not within grasp unless you are willing to travel. If you need an ocean fix for you photos I would highly suggest checking out the Great Salt Lake. I would NOT on the other hand suggest taking a swim in the Great Salt Lake. With the overly salted water, nothing can survive other than brine shrimp. And even the brine shrimp end up dead in piles on the beaches.