Lighthouse Engagement Shoot

August 8, 2020

Once a lighthouse is seen, the rest of the ocean is ignored. I felt that watching Gianna and Ryker walk around in the morning fog. I never get sick of watching couples in love. I may be based in Utah, but there is nothing like going somewhere new and experiencing the beautiful world we live in with some beautiful people. This Oregon Coast engagement shoot was something I am so glad I got to be apart of because living in Utah, those foggy mornings are few and far between. The air just smelt like the ocean spray. I can’t wait to go back again because Oregon is one dreamy place.

Putting my self back into this shoot.. it was early morning, just after sunrise (not that you could see the sun with all of the fog) and ¬†when you would take a deep breathe in, you would taste the salt in the moisture in the air. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Walking to this lighthouse, I was reminded of how much I love my job and everything that comes along with it. I was in my happy place and I can’t wait to go back to the Oregon Coast again someday.