Jacquelynne and Tommy’s Waterfall Couples Shoot

August 8, 2020

WOW. I will never forget that feeling of walking around the corner and seeing that scenic view of this magical waterfall. I felt like I was living in National Geographic because this seemed like a location that normal people shouldn’t get to witness. To get to this spot, we had to go off roading on a really untamed trail, then we had to hike a couple miles of steep downhill off the side of the mountain. We even got to a part where we had to climb down a rope to get to the bottom. Mid-way through this hike, I couldn’t help myself from wondering if it was going to be worth it in the end. All my doubts went away that second I turned the corner and a massive waterfall was there in front of me. The air was so refreshing and misty because of the cool water running throughout the waterfall. Jacquelynne and Tommy were such troopers hiking all of that while still managing to keep their hair perfect. This is one of my favorite photography experiences to this day. It was such a rewarding shoot for me because it reminded me so much of why I started out in this business. I love to explore and see new places and I’m so glad I got to live this experience.