I love to see each and every type of love this world has to offer.

It's my favorite thing to make my couples spin around, roll on the ground, run wild, or move in some weird way because that's what makes you laugh and that's when these photos become YOU. When the real comes out, it's magic. I want you to look at the photos 30 years down the road and remember exactly how you felt. I want you to remember the way you loved him or her. I want you to remember the songs you sang that day. The food you ate. The way that kiss felt.

So I could go on more about myself but let's be honest, it's all about you, your love, and making this moment, right now, live forever.

Hey, Im Syd

My entire life, I have always loved weddings. I thought when I was younger I was going to become a wedding dress designer because I was so obsessed with wedding dresses. I now can't imagine a better career suited for me than wedding photography! I LOVE my job and honestly I just love LOVE. I love In-N-Out burger and ice cream but most of all I love people. 

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist"
- Pablo Picasso

I graduated with my BS in Art and Design and this quote is something that means a lot to me. I have put in hours and hours of work to truly know my photography and business. Something that is really important to know is that photography is a form of art and having a background in all types of art helps me create artistic photographs that are compositionally beautiful and unique to each and every couple. I like to say that YOU are art. So lets treat you that way.

Get to Know Me

Giving my baby girl snuggles and kisses


exploring new locations or reading a good book

When i'm not shooting you can find me....

a cheese burger everytime

If i'm going out i'm ordering....

the bachelor, twilight, and watching gossip girl on repeat

My guilty pleasures include....


Photography that makes you remember

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