Rocky Oceanside Bridals

August 8, 2020

“If I were the sun

and you were the sky

I’d never set.

I’d hover above

the edge of the water

waiting for you to shine

your stars on me

so I could become bigger

than what I am.

I am brighter when I’m with you.”

-Christy ann Martine


This shoot brought tears to the corners of my eyes. The love Daz and Falute have for each other is overwhelming. When she smiles, he smiles. It was so contagious I couldn’t help myself from smiling along with them. We loved looking out over the ocean, listening to peaceful music just living in the moment as the sun went down. It was so difficult for me to select the images I wanted to edit from this shoot because I was in love with all of them! Falute truly is a sun goddess and brings so much life into any room she is in and I was so lucky to meet these two cute people! You never work a day in your life if you love what you do and I 100% feel like that with this shoot.