Morgann and Drake Sand Dune Bridals

January 22, 2021

This. Shoot. Gets. Me.

There was something so magical about running around and kicking sand while the sun went down. Any shoot I can be barefoot in is a shoot I would consider to be a dream. The cool coral colored sand floated around Morgann as she skipped around over the dunes. There are certain types of shoots that make me feel like I’m living in a fantasy novel and this was one of those shoots. These sand dunes are located on the boarder of Utah and Arizona. They are relatively small compared to other types of sand dunes in Utah however this orange colored sand is difficult to find. Its well worth the 5 hour drive from me to get to this location. Morgann and Drake are about to get married next month so this bridal session was so romantic and sweet. These two are just head over heels for each other and it shows in every single photograph.