Meghan and Matthew’s Golden Hour Formals

August 25, 2020

This session was what dreams are made of folks. The end of the summer-crisped grass and golden fields are exactly my kind of vibe and was the perfect setting for Meghan and Matthew. Feeling the sun go down in the distance brings me so much happiness while shooting. I loved playing around with the sun flares and the warm-hazey bursts of light. This location (Tunnel Springs Park in Salt Lake Utah) is one of my favorites any time of the year because it always brings on something new and interesting with each season. In the spring, this location is rolling green hills. In the late summer/early fall, this location is a golden grass haven. In the winter, this location is a perfectly white sheet of unblemished snow. You can never go wrong any time of the year. Meghan kept her dress a secret and waited until the perfect moment to show her husband, Matthew. I always love witnessing couples intimate love stories and capturing every second of it through photography. This day can go down in the books as nothing less than perfect.