Court and Ben’s Vintage Couples Shoot

November 4, 2020

Courtney and Ben are the type of people that have such a unique style and have such quirky personalities. We spent the evening hanging out on the Salt Flats with a couple old vintage cameras getting some film footage and some creative shots. Every time I visit the Salt Flats I feel like I’m in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3 where they filmed a good chunk of the movie here. It might just be Utah’s claim to fame and I count myself lucky to be able to visit the Salt Flats so often. I especially love watching the sun go down over the mountains in the distance and watching the sky turn every color in the rainbow because you can see for miles out on the salt. I get a lot of questions from my out of state clients about the Salt Flats and what it’s actually is like there. If you haven’t been to the Salt Flats, it’s miles and miles of baron desert with literally salt for the ground. You can taste it if you don’t believe me and this salt is hard like concrete. This location is such a unique one and I always recommend visiting for those of you who travel through Utah.